IppoPay iOS SDK Integration

Step - 1 - Add Dependency

pod 'IppoPay', '~> 1.0.5'
pod update

Step - 2 - Import SDK

import IppoPay

Step - 3 - Initialize SDK

To initialize the SDK add the below line of code with the public key you retrieved from ippopay merchant panel. If you don't have a public key create new one.

Ippopay.initSDK("Your Unique Public Key",withDelegate: Self)

Step - 4 - Create Order Data Object with necessary inputs

You can create the order data or payment input with our OrderData Model class. Here you need to provide order id and customer details like name, email, mobile number. Create order from Server side using below API and get the Order id. Click here to know how to create a order.

let orderData = OrderData()
orderData.customColor = "#12233"  // make payment page loading color as app color. 
orderData.orderId = ""  // unique order id. 
orderData.orderDescription = ""  // any description.
let customer = Customer()
customer.customerEmail = ""
customer.customerName = "name"
customer.customerPhoneNumber = "1234567890"
orderData.customer = customer

Step - 5 - Make Transaction with Ippopay

Use the below line of code to make the payment with the order data you created in Step - 4

Ippopay.makePayment(orderData: orderData)

Step - 6 - Implement Payment Delegate

Implement our payment delegate to receive the payment result for the payment we made in Step - 5. Use the below code to obtain the payment result.

extension ViewController: IppopayDelegate{
    func onPaymentError(descriptionOfError: String) {
        // Failure Callback.

    func onPaymentSuccess(paymentId: String) {
         // Success Callback

iOS 9 Update

iOS 9 has higher requirements for secure URLs. As many Indian banks do not comply with the requirements, you can implement the following as a workaround in Info.plist


Ippopay Log

You can enable/disable the SDK logs by using the below line of code. By default it will be enabled.

PayLog.setLogVisible(debug: true or false)

Sample Payment Reference.

Please check this link for sample payment with above steps.

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